Custom Invitations

Custom designs are our specialty, and custom invites are a great way to add your own personal touch to either one of the existing designs available on Purple Fairy, or to a completely new design or style.
If you have some good solid ideas as to what you would like in your invites but just lack the flair to put it all together, then email me your ideas and we can see if we can work together to create your very own personal design.
The cost of custom work does depend on the amount of work and material involved, but generally the cost doesn't jump up alarmingly unless you have really expensive tastes! Initial enquiries are always welcome, and sample packs can be made up to your specific requirements too, however my one hard and fast rule is that NO samples will be made for custom orders until a sample pack has been purchased.
Although this may sound harsh on first reading, it is purely in place to stop unwanted time wasters requesting custom samples and then disappearing never to be heard of again. Purple Fairy is a business, we have expenses of insurances, materials, advertising, web hosting and more to cover, therefore charges for samples are necessary to cover costs of materials at the very least.<br>
Once a sample pack has been ordered, the invite will be made to your requirements and sent to you within a few days. If you decide to go ahead and place and order you can claim the cost of the sample pack back, as you can with any sample pack from Purple Fairy. All discounts or promotions are also eligible on custom orders too, fairs fair!
So if you would like to order a custom design invite, you can do so in one of two ways;
1) either order a sample pack on the page of a design that is the nearest to what you would like to see, then simply add your comments in the 'Special Requests' box.
2) order any sample pack on any products page then send an email directly stating what you would like to see.
Failing all this making any sense, simply email us!


Custom Wedding Invitations by Purple Fairy Wedding Stationery

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